Yoga Nidra Sunday Night Reset 
with Ashley Baer

Calm your mind, reduce stress, relax deeply .

Yoga Nidra -Sunday Night Reset a 3-part series .

Get access to 3 sessions and more than 4 hours of Yoga Nidra practice.  You'll learn to relax, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety levels and calm the mind.

Suitable for beginners and those who are experienced in Yoga

The program is designed with a balance of breathing and stretching to increase relaxation, and mindfulness through gentle movements and breath awareness before embarking into Yoga Nidra or Yogic “Sleep.”

Learn to self regulate and use breathing and stretching to increase wellness

Through gentle movements bring mindfulness Into Your Life

Learn one of the simplest Meditation Techniques you'll ever come across

Develop a consistent practice of Yoga Nidra

Learn about the practical benefits and applications of Yoga Nidra

A wonderful tool for a good night's sleep

Ashley Baer is an educator, speaker, and healer who understands the impact of anxiety, stress, trauma, and grief on the body mind connection. 

Studying mindfulness, yoga and meditation helped her cultivate her own resilience and healing using these teachings and practices. 

Through her own journey of healing, she was able to shed old stories and patterns that were no longer serving her.

Her intention as a teacher is to support and optimize well-being using the benefits of meditation, and mindfulness to help others heal and transform their own suffering in order to prioritize mental well-being so they can live a happy, balanced life.

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Sunday Night Reset with Yoga Nidra 3 part series with Ashley Baer$27

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