The Imperfectly Perfect Parent
An introduction to mindful parenting
This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER : Join me for this simple, yet transformative workshop!
In this 1.5-hour Mini Workshop, we will explore important areas, including:

What it means to accept that I’m not an imperfect parent  

What Mindfulness actually means (Hint: the body plays an important role!)

How to cultivate mindfulness through meditation

What happens in the brain when we practice mindfulness meditation

How mindfulness affects the nervous system and digestion

How to apply mindfulness in the present moment

How to shift from autopilot to aware and exercise trust: “Everything I/we need is always here”

What it means to practice mindfulness by using our power to choose our response in any given moment

How to practice mindfulness meditation with kids and a busy schedule

How to accept what is & how what we perceive as a disturbance can be part of our mindfulness meditation practice


This is an intimate workshop designed to be interactive. 

Defining what it means to be an imperfect parent and exploring the application of mindfulness is something we construct together.

Participants are invited to show up with a beginner's mind!

Virtual mini-workshop: 1.5 hours including Q & A

Recordings of the session will available to you for a limited time after the workshop is completed. 


December 7, 2021  8 PM EST

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The Imperfectly Perfect Parent: An introduction to mindful parenting$18

If you've been through any of my trainings, you know my passion is to over deliver on transformation.
And you WILL have an opportunity to ask questions directly to me.


“Knellee is so knowledgeable and practiced in what she teaches. She single-handledly transformed how I look mindfulness not just in relation to parenting, but in life in general. It's not about the disturbance we're experiencing; it's an opportunity to respond in a way we consciously choose. Thank you Knellee for your wise and loving advice.”
― Julie W (USA)
Happy client

“Knellee, you are a tremendous help to everyone lucky enough to cross paths with you. I still rely on the advice you gave me around issues with my daughter but most days I manage with your advice. Many thanks.”

― LM (Ottawa)
Happy client

“Some very useful tips for me to cultivate mindfulness in a super practical way. Thank you
― Lorie D. (USA)
Happy client
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