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Turning Your Karma into Destiny: An Online Course



May 2nd, 9th and 16th at 6pm EST / 3pm PST


"Sally’s classes are deeply transformative. Her guidance is gentle and loving, yet challenging in all the right ways. She brings yogic teachings out of the books, and into real life in a way that makes it totally practical."

Sally Kempton is an internationally recognised teacher of meditation & yoga philosophy and author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti. 

One evening in the early 1970s, while sitting in her Manhattan living room, Sally Kempton was overcome by a feeling of all-encompassing, unconditional love that seemed to come out of nowhere. She had never known that love like this was possible. The experience lasted for 24 hours, and turned her life around.

At the time, Kempton had a flourishing career as a New York journalist, writing on popular culture, the arts, and feminist issues for Esquire, the New York Times, New York magazine, and The Village Voice. Sally left her career to immerse herself fully as a student and teacher of spiritual awareness. 

Two years later, she encountered her Guru, the enlightened Siddha master, Swami Muktananda, and became his full time student

Sally studied and traveled with Muktananda from 1974 until his passing in 1982. She edited many of his books, received intensive training in the texts of Vedanta, yoga and the north Indian tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, and taught courses around the world. For the next twenty years, she served as a teacher in the Siddha Yoga meditation community. She created and taught workshops, courses and trainings in meditation and spiritual wisdom, served for a time as editor of the spiritual magazine Darshan, and wrote extensively on all aspects of spiritual life.

In 2002, Sally was inspired to put aside her monastic identity to create a teaching path that could help students deal directly with the challenges of 21st century life. Her current work interprets the wisdom of the tantras for mature contemporary aspirants, drawing on depth psychology and neuroscience as well as the insights of Integral philosopher Ken Wilber. From her home base in California, she travels extensively, and offers monthly telecourses as well as workshops and retreats that integrate meditation, yoga philosophy, and spiritual life-skills.


Karma is the most powerful force in our lives. Our pleasure and pain, our character, the way our mind works, and even our ability to practice yoga are said to be the results of karma. Yet, karma is never fixed. Our karmas are fluid, and the more we understand how to work with the force of karma, the more we are able to turn difficult situations into blessings.

This online course brings to life the yogic teachings on karma, exploding myths, and showing you how to chart the workings of karma in your life and the lives of others. It will help you see the distinction between the karma you’re born with and the karma you create. We’ll explore practices for transforming karmic difficulties, the nature of karmic agreements, and how yoga and meditation interact with karma. This workshop is designed to give you powerful insight into your life’s journey, along with meditations, self-inquiry practices, and other tools for transformation.

There are 3 90-minute sessions held live on May 2nd, 9th and 16th at 6pm EST/3pm PST. A recording of each session will be made available via the online course hub after each session so you can catch up. A pop-up community in private Facebook Group will also be available enabling you to interact with your fellow course members and receive ongoing support throughout the course.

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