Living Wisdom: Navigating Turbulent Times with Master Teacher Rod Stryker

(Movement, Meditation, Contemplation, and Connection)

Join acclaimed meditation and yoga educator, Rod Stryker for this 3-part series of inspired conversation, practices and applied strategies based on the traditional teachings of yoga and tantra, and the modern insights of neuroscience.

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Course Highlights: 

 • Three 90-120 minute Sessions. April 30, May 7, and May 21- 7-9pm EST

 • Life-time access to recordings (You can easily access missed classes) 

 • Accessible via a single Zoom link, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience 

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Inspiration is yours when you calm and clear your mind.

Resilience is renewed each time you soothe your nervous system and rest deeply.

Solutions (and answers) are revealed effortlessly when you settle into your heart and expand the way you see yourself and the world.

Rod has designed this Living Wisdom program specifically to help you return to a sense of balance so that you can skillfully navigate the stresses of modern life and reconnect to your soul’s light and wisdom.

Master teacher Rod Stryker unveils ancient yogic secrets to overcoming modern anxiety - mindful movements, meditation techniques, and self-connection rituals that cultivate an oasis of calm within. Discover clarity amidst chaos, stability in storms, and tools for resilience that last lifetimes - a hidden sanctuary where composure is always just a breath away. Come away with a glowing inner light to illuminate even the darkest nights ahead.


 Each session features:


  •  Accessible tantra yoga asana practice
  •  Meditation
  •  Yoga nidra (dreamless deep sleep/awareness practices)
  •  Reflection and journaling exercises
  •  Practices that quickly change your state of mind and energy

Meet Rod Stryker
Rod Stryker has dedicated his life to sharing timeless wisdom that cultivates clarity and resilience, even amidst modern chaos. As the founder of ParaYoga and author of The Four Desires and Enlightened Sleep, Rod makes ancient yogic practices accessible so more people can navigate life's turbulence from a place of inner peace.

 His decades of mentoring teachers and students worldwide lead to the creation of one of the most comprehensive online yoga training programs. Rod also founded Sanctuary - a meditation and yoga nidra app for deep relaxation. His writing, including articles for Yoga International, introduces meditative movement and mindfulness to diverse audiences seeking meaning and steadiness in shifting times.  

Rod began studying yoga at 19 under expert guidance, eventually training others in this transformative work. As father to four souls, a board member for Give Back Yoga, and sought-after speaker, Rod models integrating ancient and modern worlds with grace. His teachings illuminate the sanctuary of wisdom and strength within each of us.

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